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deep roots veggie gardens

Food from the earth has an unmatched ability to bring people together, nourishing more than just our bodies. Perhaps you’ve savored the delight of a farm-to-fork meal, or seen a child’s expression upon first discovering how something grows, or felt a profound sense of peace when walking through a garden. Now, imagine being able to experience these transforming moments in your own backyard.

We have a longstanding appreciation for gardening and health, and have enthusiasm and passion in what we do. We also have decades of experience in gardening and growing.

Meet the founder and creator of Deep Roots Veggie Gardens

Mike Linley

Expert Professional Gardener

Profile- Mike Growing up in what was then rural Paso Robles, was surrounded by its famous wine vineyards. It was here, before the development, traffic and suburban sprawl took over, that Mike began to appreciate gardening. 

Following a career in Marketing, Mike left the industry to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities with a focus on his passion of gardening and farming.